About Orisson Consulting

Supporting business to leverage opportunity, enhance strategy, drive performance and mitigate risk in a fast changing world.

What we do

Orisson is an advisory practice supporting owners, suppliers and professional service providers operating in the built and natural environment.

Supported by a broad and deep network of industry professionals, Orisson works with clients across strategy, structure, performance, governance and investment.

At no time has the need for evolution of business been so great.  Challenges from globalisation and digitisation, changing market dynamics and new competitive forces are combining to challenge existing business models, strategies and operating structures. The demand for change in organisations is high.

Change takes vision, strategy, structure and energy.  All these components need to be present and importantly each needs to be appropriately scoped, designed and resourced.  Orisson helps clients with each of these elements to ensure successful implementation of change initiatives.

Changing environments also create opportunities for investment; in new markets, supply chains and operating systems.

Established in 2015, Orisson brings fresh perspectives and current market insight to the challenges and opportunities of business.