Orisson provides tailored services for clients' specific needs across business advisory, corporate and program governance, and in support of and direct engagement in investment.

Business advisory

Strategy, performance, success factors, organisation design, global supply chains and change management.

Discrete component or enterprise-wide strategy, structure, measures and performance advisory

Strategy - Crisp, compelling and tanglible

Facilitating clear strategy enhancement from business, market, operational, pursuit and program perspectives

Business Structures - Making matrices work and aligned to strategy

Organisational design support, roles definition, decision making practices and structures, success measures

Performance - Clear Critical Success Factors that drive performance

Performance review and benchmarking, critical success factor identification, impactful performance measures aligned with strategic objectives

Global Working - Leveraging global supply chains

Facilitating supply chain partnerships, building organisational competence for enhanced supply chain structures, systems and tools

Change Management - Tools and resources to support effective sustained change

Change management frameworks, tools and resources to support effective, lasting and successful change programs

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring - Supporting the agents of change

Providing business executives with coaching, support and mentoring to tackle the challenges facing industry today


Corporate and advisory boards; participation, facilitation, structure and implementation.

Participation, design, structure and facilitation for governance roles and functions

  • Corporate boards
  • Business unit advisory boards
  • Program and project steering groups and leadership teams
  • Asset development governance structures


M&A advisory, due dilligence, investment facilitation, direct investment.

Investment support for asset creation, business acquisition and merger, integration planning and direct investment.

  • Business case development and presentation
  • M&A due diligence
  • FEL structures
  • Integration planning and implementation
  • Direct investment